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Nurses Notes on Medications .........

Medications should be given at home whenever possible. However, if a medication must be administered during school hours (prescription or over-the-counter), proper authorization must be provided to the school nurse using the below Authorization for Medication at School form. There is a separate Tylenol /Tums/Cough drop permission form that is available on line that does not require your doctors signature. You will need to contact the Genesis Help desk to access this form if you did not complete it in the beginning of the school year. Parents can access the Genesis Helpdesk by going to the Wyckoff website and clicking on the A+ Genesis on the right hand side bar. The Genesis Help Desk:

All other forms are available below:

Medication Forms
If your child will need to take medications during school hours please download the appropriate form(s)

Nasal Sprays, throat lozenges, pills, poison ivy lotions and all other medications must not be brought to school. Improper use of medicine or drugs can cause considerable harm.

It is against the State medical laws for nurses to prescribe treatment or medication. However, the Wyckoff Board of Education will permit school nurses to administer prescription and over the counter medication certified by a physician in writing along with written parental permission (policy #5330).

Nurses Notes on Scoliosis ......

In March of every year the 7th graders will be screened for scoliosis by the nurse or physical education teachers, as per N. J. S. A. 18A: 40-4.3. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine may curve to the left or right. It is most commonly found during the period of rapid growth. The purpose of the screening is to recognize scoliosis in its earliest stages. Girls may wear a bathing suit top, camisole or bra. Please be sure your daughter is prepared. Boys will be required to remove their shirts. All 7th grade students will be screened. If you do not want your child screened by the school faculty, please alert the school nurse in writing.

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Nurses Notes on Illness.......

There are times when your child may be ill and needs to stay home. Here are some guidelines for you to follow. Please keep your child home if they have

A temperature of 100 degrees or above and must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.
Vomited in the past 24 hours or has severe nausea or stomach pains or diarrhea.
** A persistent, productive cough
** A red, painful throat or glands on the side of the neck that are swollen
** Flu like symptoms, fever, runny nose, cough, aches

If you keep your child home when their immune system is compromised they will be able to recover quicker and be less likely to contract other illness. Please encourage your child to wash their hands often, especially after using the bathroom, after recess and before eating. By working together we can help prevent the spread of germs in your child's class and unnecessary days absent.

Washing Hands